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Purchase *HANG-A-PLANE* Here 

  Pro-Built Models *HANG-A-PLANE* ® cradles not only keep your planes up and out of the way of damage but they also display them in full view with the wings attached! Other units store your planes safely but require the wings to be detached, have complicated rope and pulley systems or multiple mounting screws and require permanent mounting to the wall or ceiling. With a*HANG-A-PLANE* ® you can keep them safely assembled and show them off too! Just one eyebolt screwed into a ceiling stud for your large planes or use the included butterfly bolt for mounting through drywall ceilings. You can also mount *HANG-A-PLANE* ® on a wall for vertical hanging too!

*HANG-A-PLANE* ® cradles can be used to display safely your pride and joy inside your home as well. Now you can keep your favorite planes or helicopters in the living room, bed room, or office and in a climate and humidity controlled area. Keep them safe and display your planes with pride!  All units are made from heavy gage aluminum or steel depending on size and are fully adjustable to fit your planes fuselage width and wing cord depth. Accommodates all wing styles, high, mid, low, biplanes, or rotary with or without the landing gear attached to the wing.


Cradle Your "Baby" With A *HANG-A-PLANE* Cradle!

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Purchase *DAB-A-GLUE* Here

  Pro-Built Models DAB-A-GLUE C/A glue applicators have been used by pro model builders for years. The flexible long thin and soft stem allows you to place glue right where you need it. A dab at a time or a steady line of glue. You can even trim the tip for a custom bead size. No more working with that cumbersome bottle or plugged tip! DAB-A-GLUE pro-builder applicators save you money on C/A and other glues because you only take the amount you need out of the bottle with no worries of the glue in the tip drying up before completing the project. You can and buy your C/A glue in bulk and save even more money! Store it in your refrigerator and take out only what you need at the time. They are even reusable, clean out with acetone between uses or store them with the tip upright by clamping them with a spring clothes pin or small binder clip.

DAB-A-GLUE professional applicators are also great for scale and detail work such as making rivet and panel lines using wood glue thinned with water. You can use them with other types of glues like “Gorilla” to apply the glue precisely where you want it. You can even trim the tip at an angle like a miniature calking gun to use for “calking” and sealing joints on your model boat or floatplane! Great for inserting hinge glue directly into hinge-point holes!


Hard To Find But Makes Your Gluing Job Easier!